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Give Your Child A Different Kind of Camp Experience

SuperCamp is the #1 camp for improved academics, increased confidence and leadership development. We began in 1982 as the first teen summer program of its kind and today we’re a respected worldwide leader with camps in 13 countries.

With SuperCamp’s arrival in the Philippines, we are dedicated to bring out the best in the Filipino child, whether it’s through leadership, communication, or academics. We foster holistic learning through tried-and-tested methods, and we encourage creativity, camaraderie, self-confidence, and other life skills. Have your child be one of the pioneer Filipino SuperCampers, and see the difference for yourself!

We help your child grow inside of the classroom…

Campers will be coached by trained professional educators and team leaders from a diverse background. Throughout the week-long program, they will get to interact with peers and classmates who will mould them into better students, family-members, and individuals. 

…as well as outside of it.

Outdoor activities promote an active lifestyle, teamwork values, and creative problem-solving skills. Your child will be exposed to real-world scenarios that need coordination and effective communication with all members of the team. SuperCamp will no doubt be your child’s most memorable experience of the year!

Take a closer look inside life at SuperCamp.

See the exciting activities that are in store for your child during the entire program.

Be part of the SuperCamp success story…

SuperCamp Philippines is part of an international network that take ordinary, struggling students and transform them into world-class leaders, passionate about life and learning. Parents routinely fly their kids in to SuperCamp because they are amazed at the transformation we create in just 7 days. 

SuperCamp has, for 35 years, helped countless students worldwide locate their self-motivation, improve their grades, enhance personal relationships and build a rock-solid character that can withstand the challenges of life – ALL in a powerful 7-day experience!

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