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Anvaya Cove is the premier nature and leisure club in the Philippines. It is both a mountain retreat and a seaside resort, featuring world-class Filipino service and amenities in an environment perfect for the SuperCamp experience. 

Campers will learn the value of conservation. 

At SuperCamp at Anvaya Cove, one of our main thrusts is the protection of the environment. Campers will learn the value of green living, nature preservation, energy conservation, and other sustainable practices. SuperCampers will also get the chance to interact with endangered turtles in the Pawikan Conservation Center.

A fully-equipped luxury eco-resort at your child’s convenience. 

As one of the premiere luxury eco-destinations in the Philippines, Anvaya Cove is ready to ensure that all guests have an exceptional stay at the resort. SuperCamp, together with Anvaya Cove, is committed to giving our campers a transformative learning experience. The SuperCamp Philippines experience comes complete with the amenities expected of any premiere leisure club, as well as the hallmarks of world-class Filipino hospitality. 

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At Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club, family bonding intertwine in a lush, seaside setting. The Club consists of extensive beach and nature camp facilities, a pool complex, and elegant yet relaxed dining, lounging and social spaces.

SuperCampers will be able to enjoy all of these amenities in their free time, typically in the afternoon, and outside of their academic activities

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This is your child’s starting point to success. SuperCamp Philippines guarantees a world-class program for all of our campers, and they deserve nothing less than world-class accommodation. SuperCamp Philippines, together with Anvaya Cove, guarantees an unforgettable SuperCamp experience for all of its campers.


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